Getting Sound Kitchen Radio Systems Revealed

For People that Are not in the know, KB Audio is the company that makes kitchen or bathroom radio systems that undergo a hole in the ceiling such as that of a downward light. It is stated that it is the little things which make life; if that is true then this is a tiny thing worth investing in.

There are Major KB Sound systems which are available and this blog article is directed at describing each system’s pros and con’s.

KB Sound Plus

This little system is Offered in white, chrome and satin silver (nickel) it is a fundamental system which draws you to the KB range offering two 1.5watt speakers that provide a surprisingly good output. It is an FM based system which uses a bit aerial such as the one you see in your clock radios. It may also have a hardwire FM aerial wired into it. So what is good? It is quite a cheap little system at approximately #90.00, and though it has little speakers the output is fantastic and it is fantastic for a smaller kitchen, bathroom or even a small office. It is simple to install and the speakers are all about the same size as a typical down lighting at 65mm.

Kitchen Radios

One potential drawback is the fact that it can seem a little lost in a big area. The remote has no display so that it can be more difficult than the larger systems to program. BUT all in all it is a fantastic little system and wonderful value for money.

KB Sound Select

The most popular of the best kitchen radios systems available in white, chrome and satin silver (nickel). This system was the first from the KB range to incorporate a remote control with an LCD screen. It is two 2.5watt speakers that provide a fantastic output and quality. It is an FM established system but watch this space because there’s a DAB edition of the select intended to be published later this year. So what is good about it? What surprised me the most was that the audio quality and being some who enjoys loud music this system is ideal since it maintains good quality even if the volume is cranked up! So great is the quality that the speakers are used on the top of the range DAB system. Yet again it is easy to install in a completed room as it only requires two holes in the ceiling. Its shops 20 channels and you can go straight to them on the presets on the controller. The LCD makes the distant so much more user friendly. Aside from being more expensive then the simple system, there is nothing really to moan about, thus making it the hottest KB system on the market.

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